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Pachamama Yoga

Elements Day Retreat | Saturday 13th July 2024

Elements Day Retreat | Saturday 13th July 2024

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Disconnect from your to-do list and every day duties, and gift yourself with an entire day to reconnect back to your true self, through your connection to nature’s elements.


Nestled within the wisdom of centuries old Oak trees, lives a Yurt full of beautiful warm and welcoming energy. You are invited to join us here at the home of Pachamama Yoga, in the heart of North Warwickshire (20 minutes from Birmingham and Coventry), where the beauty of nature awaits you.

Relax your mind, rejuvenate your body, replenish your energy and reset your life, as you journey through a deep exploration of practices which call upon the power of the elements, and have the potential to be life transforming.

Throughout your Elements Retreat, you will be guided through deep practices of Yoga Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Wim Hof Method Breathwork, Wild Spa, and Sound Healing, which encompass the Elements: Earth, Air, Ether (Space), Fire & Water.


Connect to the element of Earth, as you are guided through a grounding and balancing Yoga Flow, designed to energised your body and untangle your mind. Release your tensions into Mother Earth, as you flow through holistic sequences which empower you to connect back to your true self.

Suitable for all; from beginners to experienced practitioners

Feel the force of the Air element, as it takes you to an altered state of awareness, through the power of breath. Expand your lungs and mind, as you are guided through the dynamic experience of the Wim Hof Method Breathwork, with WHM Instructor Richy, a holistic path to optimal health.

Melt into a deeper state of relaxation and inner awareness, as you connect to the element of Ether and the spaciousness of the Universe, bringing balance to your mind and nervous system. Float through a soothing journey of Sound, as Crystal Singing Bowls, Shamanic Drums, Ocean Drum, Koshi Chimes, Ukulele, Shamanic Flute and reverberating vocals resonate through your entire being, inviting the healing frequencies to begin restoring and harmonising on a cellular level, leaving you feeling wholly connected and at complete peace, body, mind, and soul.

Allow all that is no longer in alignment with your authentic self burn away, as you invite the element of Fire to purify you in Pachamama’s wood-fired sauna. Help those layers shed with some homemade nature scrubs...that are good enough to eat!

Step out of your fear and into the cold, as you plunge into the element of Water. Feel the water cleanse you of your fears, as you find calm in the chaos, and enter a state of deep meditation through the power of the breath. Reveal your internal sanctuary of calm, truth, and wisdom, as you soak up the beautiful benefits of cold water therapy.

Contrast Therapy
Rejuvenate your body and mind as you flow through the deeply healing therapy of fire and ice contrast, with the wood-fired sauna & ice water plunge.

Our intimate offerings invite only 10 souls to retreat together, allowing for deep connection and a beautiful community feel, as you co-create an energetic container of transformation, growth, and empowerment.

Earth Conscious Kitchen
Enjoy a lovingly made, plant-based lunch surrounded by Mother Nature, under the canopy of the trees, or in our cosy grill cabin, as well as nutritious snacks and herbal teas. Good for you, good for the Earth.

Pachamama Elements Day Retreat commences at 10am and concludes at 5pm.

We Recommend Bringing:
• Yoga mat
• Refillable water bottle
• Bathing suit
• Towel/s (You will be required to sit on a towel in the Sauna, so bring an extra if you prefer)
• Anything to make you comfortable for your Sound Journey (blanket, cushion, eye pillow, warm layers)
• Journal & pen/pencil
• Clothes & layers suitable for the weather (hat, sunscreen, warm layers)
• Wear comfortable clothes which you can move freely in
• We recommend wearing slip-on shoes (ie. flip flops, sliders, crocs etc)

We look forward to guiding you back to your true nature.


“The Elements day retreat I spent with Pachamama Yoga exceeded all my expectations. I was hoping for a day of rest and reset but I received so much more in terms of release and rebuilding. I left feeling invincible, with fresh energy and enthusiasm.
Hayley and Richard are such beautiful souls and their nurturing loving energy was evident throughout the day. Each part was thoughtfully and creatively planned and whilst it seamlessly and effortlessly flowed I appreciate the work and planning that must have gone into it.
The opening breathwork and yoga sequence was perfect in helping set intention and harnessing inner fire. The sound journey was by far the best I’ve experienced and the musicianship was really skilled, I found it really emotional and got ASMR tingles.
The Breathwork was moving, uplifting and really powerful.
My biggest surprise of the day was the ice bath as I had not expected to enjoy it and was not even sure I was able to do it. I surprised myself and really enjoyed it and felt lovingly guided and supported throughout the experience which unbelievably made it pleasurable. I’ve been taking cold showers ever since.
The snacks and lunch were truly nourishing and very yummy.
It was like experiencing heaven on Earth for a day. The energy cultivated is still here several days afterwards and I feel still feel positive , vital and energised.”
Sarah Rush

"Pachamama is the most incredible space for self-discovery, healing and relaxation. I attended the elements day retreat. Hayley guided an intimate yoga practice in the stunning yurt and I loved the breath work with Rich, both empowering and informative. I can’t believe I managed the ice-bath which was invigorating and then able to warm up next to the open fire. Food was immense too! Highly recommend and can’t wait for more events this year!”
Katie Russell

Pachamama Yoga is located in Kingsbury, North warwickshire. Exact location will be shared upon booking.

Our not-for-profit ethos means that any profit generated from Pachamama offerings goes to empowering your local community. We thank you for sharing the love.

Please note, all sales are final and non-refundable. If you are unable to attend, you may transfer your space to another attendee.


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