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Pachamama Yoga

1:1 Holistic Personal Training

1:1 Holistic Personal Training

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Show deep gratitude to your body by taking care of it!

Through sessions uniquely developed for you, 1:1 Holistic Personal Training invites you to discover your healthiest self.

Your physical health is often a reflection of your mental and emotional condition. Our holistic modality brings awareness to your overall health. Working with your mental, emotional, and physical health, we explore areas that regular personal training overlooks, allowing you to create an unbreakable foundation to unearth the lifelong well-being that you deserve.

Your exclusive sessions will focus on bringing balance and strength to your body and mind, through manageable adjustments to the way you live, as well as fitness activities unique to you and your body.

Your 1:1 sessions will encourage you to listen to your body and develop awareness of when to challenge yourself and when to nurture yourself, in order to step into your full potential.

The exercises and practices specifically developed for you will not require any special equipment. This is to empower you to effortlessly incorporate them into your daily life. As well as tailored physical exercises to promote strength, flexibility, weight loss and more; other practices which may be incorporated into your unique package may include meditation, breathwork, nutrition, stress management, sleep health, and more.

Book your free consultation with Rich to tailor your unique Holistic Personal Training package.


We offer block sessions of either 3, 7 or 10 sessions, or more. For each session we allow 90 minutes, allowing time to chat and ground before and after the session.

The exchange of 1:1 Holistic Personal Training starts at £50 per session, but is unique to your individual package.



Our not-for-profit ethos means that any profit generated from Pachamama offerings goes to empowering your local community. We thank you for sharing the love.

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