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Pachamama Yoga

1:1 Sound Therapy

1:1 Sound Therapy

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Completely let go and allow the power of sound to heal you body, mind, and soul.

Bathe yourself in the vibrational medicine of crystal singing bowls, shamanic drums, beautiful reverberating vocals, twinkling chimes, and more, as you are guided through the magic of a uniquely tailored sound healing journey, specifically in tune with your needs.

Sound has the power to release pain and trauma on a cellular level, as well as calm your nervous system and allow your body to enter homeostasis, where it has the capacity to naturally heal itself.


If you feel called to heal through sound, book a free consultation with Hayley to tailor your unique Sound Therapy Experience.


We offer block sessions of either 3, 7 or 10 sessions, or more. For each session we allow 90 minutes, allowing time to chat and ground before and after the session.

The exchange of 1:1 Sound Therapy starts at £50 per session, but is unique to your individual package.


Our not-for-profit ethos means that any profit generated from Pachamama offerings goes to empowering your local community. We thank you for sharing the love.

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