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Pachamama Yoga

Immersive 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training | Himalayas, India | 9th November - 3rd December

Immersive 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training | Himalayas, India | 9th November - 3rd December

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Embark on a journey of deep transformation, as you awaken your unlimited powers within.

Saturday 9th November 2024 - Tuesday 3rd December 2024

The Heal Farm, Himalayas, India

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Free your authentic self and unearth your internal seeds of wisdom, as you immerse yourself in the majestic Himalayan mountains, and root into the deep wisdom of the Motherland of Yoga, India.

The 5 acre regenerative forest of The Heal Farm, nestled within the Sattal Forest Reserve, will serve as the home of Pachamama’s 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

The spiritual sanctuary’s Earth conscious way of life will invite you to embrace a slow and purposeful way of living, allowing you to connect back to the heart of Mother Nature.

It’s dedication to the conservation and restoration of the natural world, inspired The Heal Farm to create an off-grid, carbon-negative centre, devoted to transformation and healing through deep nature connection, sound healing, meditation, Yoga, art, and simple community living.

This Himalayan haven yields nature-immersed accommodation, a Yoga and Meditation Shala, Sound Healing Sanctum, community dining, communal spaces, creative workspace (art and woodworking), and an abundance of mountain side sanctuaries for peaceful self-reflection in nature.

The Pachamama Yoga Teacher Training experience empowers the rhythms of spiritual yogic living, inviting deep internal transformation to take place. This immersive approach to the course allows you to wholly embody the teachings of Yoga, as well as the yogic way of living, readying you to make Yoga the foundations for the journey of your life.

This dedicated time to you and your practice, without distraction, will support you in fully connecting to the teachings that resonate with your authentic self, before stepping out into your own offerings as a Yoga Teacher.

However this course is not solely for individuals wishing to share Yoga through teaching. You are invited to step into this journey if you purely feel called to enrich your Yogic practice and understanding, or if your wish is to delve into a transformational path of self discovery, reflection and healing.

The healing power of sound and music will be beautifully weaved throughout this immersive training, offering deep experiences of Sound therapy, music circles, Kirtan, chanting, singing, as well as discovering how to integrate Sound and music into your own unique offerings.

This intimate YTT invites only 12 like minded souls to journey together, allowing for deep connection and a beautiful community feel, as you co-create an energetic container of transformation, growth and empowerment together with your family of YTT Yogis.

Pachamama’s holistic approach invites all to benefit from the magic of Yoga. It is our belief that Yoga is for the whole, and we warmly welcome all beliefs, faiths and religions, all cultures and backgrounds, all genders, and all abilities. We welcome you exactly as you are meant to be.

Pachamama Yoga’s 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training is Yoga Alliance Professionals Accredited.

Throughout Pachamama’s YTT, you will discover:
• Your authentic self
• Your unique gifts
• A strong self-practice that can be integrated into your everyday life
• How to recognise what practice you need in each moment
• Your personal Samskaras (patterns) and how they affect your life
• A deep understanding of the Chakra system, and how they affect our health
• Yoga Anatomy
• The Nervous System
• Correct Asana Alignment
• Pranayama
• A variety of Meditation Practices
• Basic Mudras
• Bandhas
• How to Use Mantra
• An introduction to essential oils and herbs for healing
• The History of Yoga
• Sage Pantanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga
• The elements
• How connection to nature can heal
• An introduction to Shamanism
• How to use Sound and music within your practice and offerings
• A holistic focus on practicing and sharing Yoga
• Sharing Yoga as your authentic self
• How to hold a safe space
• A holistic approach to sequencing
• Theme weaving
• Tone of voice
• Use of language
• Supportive adjustments
• How to prevent injury
• Basic Thai massage techniques for Savasana adjustments
• An introduction to Ayurveda
• Asana modifications
• How to use props
• How to incorporate Pranayama, Meditation, Mudra, Bandha, Mantra, Chakras, and more into your self-practice and your offerings
• Basic Sanskrit
• Ethical business in Yoga
• How to create Yoga offerings authentic to you
• How to co-create and collaborate
• Positive communication
• How to integrate your practice into everyday living

Pachamama’s Himalayan YTT will gift you with:
• 24 Days / Nights Nature Immersed Accommodation (see accommodation options below)
• Freshly prepared, and locally sourced nutritious vegetarian meals for the duration of your stay. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Herbal Teas) Vegan options available. Please state any dietary requirements at the time of booking. Failure to do so may result in being unable to cater for your requirements.
• Transfer from New Delhi Airport to The Heal Farm (This is shared transfer which will depart the morning of Saturday 9th November, exact time TBC. If your arrival is after the time of departure, you will be required to find your own way to The Heal Farm. Pick up location TBC. Please note this is a one way transfer only, your transfer back to Delhi is not included)
• 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification, accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals (upon successful completion of the course)
• Pachamama Yoga Teacher Training Manual
• 200 contact hours from a Registered Senior Yoga Teacher & other professionals in their field
• Sound Journey Experience
• Traditional Fire Ceremony
• Cacao Ceremony
• Ecstatic Dance
• Music Circles
• Shamanic Journey Experience
• Wim Hof Method Experience
• Cultural experiences lead by local facilitators
• Excursions and activities on days off, eg. wild swimming, guided nature hikes, waterfall visits, creative workshops etc. (Although day off activies are included, your time off belongs to you, and we invite you to honour your journey in whatever way feels right)
• Pachamama Gifts
• 1:1 Support throughout your course
• Certification to Register as a Professional Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals, upon completion of the course
• Graduation Celebration
• Ongoing support once your course is complete
• Community amongst your YTT family
• Strong foundations for lifelong friendships

An Example YTT Day in the Himalayas:

06.30 - 08.00: Experience
Be guided through a holistic Yoga practice, which embodies the full spectrum of Yogic teachings

08.30 - 10.00: Nourish
Enjoy a light Earth-conscious breakfast, whilst reflecting upon your morning practice

10.00 - 11.30: Discover
Theory, discussion & practical learning on various topics

11.30 - 11.50: Refresh
Take a moment to enliven your energy before delving back in to your YTT teachings

11.50 - 13.30: Discuss
Theory, discussion & practical learning on various topics

13.30 - 15.00: Nourish
Delight in a nourishing Earth-conscious lunch, and enjoy the nature of the Himalayas with your YTT community

15.00 - 16.30: Explore
Theory, discussion & practical learning on various topics

16.30 - 16.45: Refresh
Take a moment to enliven your energy before delving back in to your YTT teachings

16.45 - 18.00: Share
Theory, practical learning, co-creation & authentic sharing

18:00 - 19.30: Nourish
Enjoy a healthy and delicious Earth-conscious dinner, in the company of your fellow YTT yogis

19.30: Satsang
A blend of guided sessions (eg. Kirtan, Wind down Yoga, Ceremony, sharing/music circles), and free evenings to enjoy the company of the YTT community

Two full days off, and two half days off will be scheduled in throughout your 24 day course.

Please note, this outline is simply a guide and subject to change. Schedules may vary from day to day.


Your Himalayan YTT Facilitators:

Lead Facilitator
Co-Founder of Pachamama Yoga, Senior Yoga Teacher, Trainer, and Mentor RYT 500, Yoga Therapist, Meditation Guide, Sound Journey Facilitator

Guided by her heart and intuition, Hayley creates a nourishing space for self-empowerment and transformation. Honouring the unique frequency of each individual, Hayley invites you to unearth your unique gifts, and step into your authenticity, so that you may lovingly share your light with the world.
Hayley carries over 12 years of Yoga study and 8 years experience of teaching and training Yoga worldwide.


Co-Founder of Pachamama Yoga, Wim Hof Method Instructor, Breathwork Facilitator, Sound Journey Facilitator, Yoga Teacher

Birmingham yoga retreat wild spa ice bath

Richy’s passions lie in merging science and spirituality. When one satisfies the logical mind, we are freed to step into the magical experience of Yoga. Rich’s teachings offer a fresh perspective on the ancient wisdom of Yoga, translating the time-honoured teachings to support the rhythms of modern-day living.


Founder of The Heal Farm, Sound Healer, Transformation Guide

Adi’s transformative Sound Healing offerings employ the powerful primordial powers of nature and sound vibration. Providing teachings and experiences, Adi’s deep wisdom of Sound Therapy and Yoga will heartily enrich the Pachamama Yoga’s YTT facilitation team.



The Heal Farm's Operations Manager, Hatha, Restorative and Aerial Yoga Teacher. 

Priyanka's decade long dedication to holistic wellness and mindfulness, empowers her in offering a safe space to support you through the transformational power of Yoga, with patience and compassion. Priyanka's calming presence, both as host and facilitator, will allow you to melt into the depths of your immersive journey at The Heal Farm.


The Accommodation

The Heal Farm offers simple, off-grid accommodation enveloped by the beauty of the Himalayan mountains. The carbon neutral approach to living invites the adoption of the patient pace of nature.

Enjoy a shower heated by nature itself, and walk barefoot through the forest to a loo with a real view! The compostable toilets not only save around 600 litres of water per day at The Heal Farm, but also offer the most spectacular views of the Himalayan forest.

An integral aspect of the course is the like-minded community of fellow yogis, who will become your family over the duration of your journey. So although sharing a room with a ‘stranger’ may feel like a daunting experience, we invite you to open your heart to the unity of all, and know that a stranger may just transform into a friend for life.


There are 3 Accommodation Options to Choose From:

Pentagon Chalet | 2 Person Occupancy | £3000pp
The Heal Farm offers 3x pentagon chalets, each with skylights, and breath taking views of the forest and lake.
Each of the pentagon chalets are able to accommodate 2 individuals in comfortable single beds. Bed linen provided.

Circular Chalet | 3 Person Occupancy | £2850pp
The circular chalet offers skylights, and a private deck over the farm’s wildlife pond.
The circular chalet accommodates 3 individuals in comfortable single beds. Bed linen provided.

Private Tent | 1 Person Occupancy | £2600pp
The Heal Farm offers a dedicated camping area nestled within the forest, for those who wish to sleep closer to the earth. There are three tents, each placed upon an individual, purpose built raised area and each offer a comfortable double mattress and cosy bedding. Bed linen provided.

We invite you to keep in mind that whichever bed you may choose will be only where you sleep. Wherever your bed, you will be immersed in the abundant beauty of nature that the Himalayas has to offer, and receive the same teachings, as well as being an essential part of the co-creation of the YTT community.

Do you feel the calling?

If you feel called to embark upon your journey of deep transformation, we kindly request for you to complete the online YTT Application Form, or we invite you to open a conversation with us by emailing

Upon successful application, a non-refundable deposit of £500* is required to secure your space.

* 3.5% charge is added if you choose to pay via the website, making the non-refundable deposit total £515. Kindly get in touch for details on how to make your non-refundable deposit of £500 directly. (Please note, the extra £15 is an extra charge and does not make up your total payment.)

Your remaining exchange will be due on or before Friday 4th October. (Again if choosing to pay via the website for your remaining exchange, an additional 3.5% charge will be added. To avoid this charge, kindly fulfil your exchange directly)

We delightedly await guiding you back to your truth,
Pachamama Yoga
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