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Pachamama Yoga

Full Moon Awakening | Friday 24th May 2024

Full Moon Awakening | Friday 24th May 2024

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Join Pachamama Yoga by the light of the Full Moon to Awaken your beauty within.


Nestled within the wisdom of centuries old Oak Trees, lives a yurt full of beautiful warm and welcoming energy. You are invited to join Pachamama Yoga here as you journey through an intimate evening, guided by the energy of the Full Moon.

Our Full Moon Awakening evening will flow through...

Cacao Awakening | Movement Medicine | Shamanic Journey | Community


Cacao Awakening

Your Full Moon evening will begin with a Cacao Awakening Ceremony in which we will create a circle of gratitude around our Pachamama Fire Pit or in the Cosy Grill Cabin (weather depending), for the beautiful plant medicine of Cacao.* You will consciously drink your ethically sourced, ceremonial grade Cacao, with your own personal intention, followed by a guided Cacao activating Meditation.

Movement Medicine

Movement has been used as a powerful tool of healing for centuries. Awaken will be an exploration how truly powerful moving energy through your body can be. You will begin your movement journey with ‘Shaking Medicine’, and as the Cacao begins to release bliss chemicals into your body, you will be invited to explore your true nature of joy and bliss as you awaken through the movement of dance.

Shamanic Journey

Allow yourself to be guided into a journey deep within, to where your inner wisdom awaits you. The hypnotic sound of the Shamanic Drum will allow you to enter an altered state of awareness where the answers to all of your questions reside.



We will bring the evening to close by giving time to ground and connect to those who will have joined you for the evening, over homemade, vegan & refined sugar-free goodies.

Do you feel the calling?

Awaken with us Friday 24th May 2024

6.45pm - 9.45pm


Location near Pachamama Yoga, North Warwickshire.

Exact location given upon booking.

Please bring…

• Water

• Journal/paper and pen

• Yoga mat (for comfort during your Shamanic Journey)

• Blanket

• And anything else to make you comfortable for lying down (bolster, cushion, layers, eye pillow)

• Please wear comfortable clothes that you do not mind smelling like fire, and that you can move freely in


Suggested Exchange £35


For any questions please email


* Please note, it is not advisable to drink Ceremonial Grade Cacao if you are currently taking anti-depressants, instead we can offer you a beautiful heart opening Rose Tea, as an alternative.

If you are pregnant or are currently on medication, please send over an email to discuss having a lower dosage of Cacao at this event or to instead have the Rose Tea alternative.


All sales are final and non-refundable. Should you be unable to attend you may transfer your space to a new attendee.


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