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Pachamama Yoga

Solstice Sister Circle | Friday 21st June

Solstice Sister Circle | Friday 21st June

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Sister, you are invited to join our Summer Solstice Sister Circle, in the woodland Yurt at the home of Pachamama Yoga, nestled amongst the wisdom of ancient Oak trees, on the evening of Friday 21st June.


Summer Solstice brings us the longest day of the year, and with this it gifts us with the reminder to radiate our pure light from within.

The Summer Solstice is recognised as a time of powerful healing. It is a time to discover our inner power, and in celebrating the sun and the power it provides to all of nature, we are able to connect to it's life energy and ignite our truth within.

To honour the energy of the solstice, we will take a moment to gather around the sacred element of fire, under the night's sky, as we reflect upon the power and potency of the sun, allowing it to purify us of all that is blocking our inner light from radiating at it's fullest.

The Summer Solstice reminds us to bring our awareness within and discover the nourishment required to blossom into our truth, so that we may radiate our divine light from within. Guided by the powerful energy of the Solstice, you will be invited to set an intention for this moment of your life.

Sister, you are invited to step into your authenticity and reclaim your feminine power.

Embrace all of you with the loving energy of a circle of fellow sisters, as we co-create an energetic container of transformation and empowerment.


Solstice Sister’s Circle will flow through:

Heart Opening Rose Tea

Fire Ceremony

Summer Solstice Craft

Intention Setting

Sound Healing


Vocal Release

Sharing Circle

Community of Sisters

Vegan & Refined Sugar-Free Cake


We recommend bringing:

A refillable water bottle

Journal & Pen

Warm cosy layers

A blanket

A Yoga Mat (to ensure your comfort for the sound section) 

Anything to make you comfortable to sit on the floor (you will be provided with a meditation cushion)



6.45pm - 9.45pm

You are invited to arrive from 6.30pm



Very limited spaces available


Pachamama Yoga is located in the heart of Kingsbury, North Warwickshire. Our exact location will be shared upon booking.


Our not-for-profit ethos means that any profit generated from Pachamama offerings goes to empowering your local community. We thank you for sharing the love.


Please note, all sales are final and non-refundable. If you are unable to attend, you may transfer your space to another attendee.


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